Friday, April 21, 2017

Five on Friday

one. SnapBack and Mickey
Whenever Bobby and I wear a hat, Brody likes to wear a hat. I love him in hats. He also loves wearing his Mickey slippers when we go on walks. He is the coolest person I know. 

two. Bang
This is my pre-workout drink. It taste great and gives me just the right amount of energy. I never feel shaky or overly hyper. Plus the cotton candy one (there are multiple flavors) taste just like the cotton candy dum-dums sucker. Delicious. 

three. Painting
Wednesday we went over to Gabby and Miguel's to work on a secret project and it involved paint. I think Brody liked painting himself more than the project. Oh well. It made for a great photo. 

four. On The Border chips
On The Border put out zesty ranch and nacho cheese chips and I have to tell you they are amazing! They are crunchy and crispy and full of flavor. You must try them! I found mine at Kroger but I'm sure you can find them other stores.

five. Best Friends
How blessed we are to have Miguel as our best friend....and someone we can sit on too.