Friday, April 14, 2017

Five on Friday

one. Indi Jag
Yesterday, I told you I follow a lot of Children's clothing lines on Instagram. It is an obsession. Right after I saw The Beauty and the Beast....all the songs were stuck in my head, especially one. The one Belle sings in the beginning about wanting more life than what she has. That is me. I am always looking for more. I know I might just be a "stay at home mom" but making this life fun and adventurous for Brody, I feel, is part of my job. So when Indi Jag posted this photo, I knew I had to get this shirt for him. He is the most adventurous little kid I know and I encourage it everyday. 

two. Busted lip
On Tuesday, I decided to go to Michael's for a few things. As I was opening the car door to get Brody out, a gust of wind took the car door and smashed it into my face. I thought I was OK, but when I put my hand to my mouth, there was blood everywhere. Luckily the baby bag was at Brody's feet and I was able to grab baby wipes. I got myself back into the car and realized I had busted my lip. I raced home and had Bobby look at it, to make sure I didn't need stitches. As of today, I am so pleased to say that it is almost 100% healed. I was told the mouth heals the fasted and that is so very true! 

three. Toy Story
Brody has a love of Toy Story. He loves the movies and could sit and watch them for hours. Knowing this, I had my mom get him this huge Woody stuffed doll for Easter. He LOVES it! He is so much like me in the fact that he loves stuffed animals. Now he just needs the matching stuffed Buzz doll. 

four. Girls night
It has been over a year since just the three of us went out. OVER A YEAR! Sure we've hung out with the boys or other people at a party, but just the three of us.....Anyways. It was much needed. We talk about anything and everything and we get feelings off our chest with no judgment. We are honest with each other and make fun of each other, but most importantly, make each other laugh. It is my therapy with them. We all three are completely different but it works. I just love and adore you Kristen and Julie! 

five. Good Friday
Happy Good Friday everyone! 
Jesus Christ died for me and for you and we should never forget that.