Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Emerald Sky

I am so excited to announce that I was one of the ones chosen to be an Emerald Sky brand rep! I have always had a love for Emerald Sky and I am so excited they chose me to rep the brand. 

With this cool title, I was given an awesome discount code for my Bloggers to use whenever they want to shop! The code is SHOPDL and you will save 15% on any order!!! 

They will be releasing some new styles soon so get those credit cards ready! I will post all of their new stuff and I will be showing you some of their awesome shirts that you must have along the way. 

I always tell people to shop small and I am so honored to be repping this brand! I will have their website on my blog (right hand side) for you be use whenever you want to go shopping. Don't forget to use SHOPDL for that awesome discount! 

I am in no way paid for this. I choose who I rep and how I rep them. This is strictly my thoughts and my actions.