Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter weekend

Saturday mid-morning, Bobby, Brody and I went to the park to play. It is his favorite thing to do. We are surrounded by multiple parks here in Mansfield and they all connect by a trail. I love it. So it is easy to walk to each of the playgrounds and it always seems safe. After playground fun, we went and had lunch at Mellow Mushroom. OMG that pizza was amazing. I can't wait to go back. I just love being with my boys. It is Brody and I all the time so when we get the chance to get just Bobby to ourselves, we love it. 

Saturday night we went over to my mom's house to hunt Easter eggs with my side of the family. It was my sister's mother in laws birthday so we celebrated that too. Brody only cared about one mom and dad's pool. Someone had to stand guard by it so he wouldn't go in. He loved it so much, he even learned how to say pool. I want it known that Brody can say pool but not mom! Easter egg hunting isn't Brody's thing. He would rather steal other kids eggs and throw them in the pool. I find it funny....maybe not so much Hayden. 

Then on Sunday we met back up with my family and my dad's family for Easter lunch. We use to go to Red Lobster each year. We did that for YEARS! But as families grew and kids got married and lived in different cities, it became easier to meet at different restaurants. Luckily this year was a Mexican restaurant because I got Brody some queso and he was set. How beautiful are these children? 

Because Jesus Christ died on the cross for me, I get to have this beautiful life. Surrounded by beautiful people and the best kiddos in the world. I always tell people I am blessed because of the love that surrounds me and the people I get to call mine. All because one man gave up his life for mine!