Friday, April 7, 2017

Five on Friday

one. BFF
I mean, come on. They are the best and when Miguel says Bro Bro, it just warms every part of my body. I love their friendship.

two. Fiber One
I am a sweets eater and it is a struggle for me. I try to cut sweets from my diet cause they really add on the pounds but I have found an alternative. Fiber One cookies. OMG people! They are amazing. I keep the oatmeal raisin stocked at my home but they also have chocolate chunk, sugar, peanut butter and double chocolate. I like them because the fiber is high, the sugar is low and I can enjoy a sweet treat without regret.

three. Blizzard
It's almost that time of year! I have to be in the mood for ice cream. I really do. I am not just an "all year eater of ice cream"-er. But when it starts getting hot, ice cream is a go too. And if I am going to splurge, it's once a week and it's on a Blizzard from Dairy Queen. My favorite is Butterfinger and last week we got Brody his first. We got him Oreo and he loved it. I love that Dairy Queen offers mini size. They are the perfect amount and satisfy that need for it. 

four. Amy Schumer
This week Amy Schumer graced the cover InStyle magazine and the internet people went crazy. Apparently the swimsuit Amy is wearing is made by a certain company and the CEO from the company was not too pleased with it. A lot of mean things were said in my opinion because I find nothing wrong with the cover. In fact I love it and love her. Take a look yourself and judge yourself. People are so hard on others when they just need to look in a mirror and take control of their own life. 

five. The Defenders
I am a Netflix watcher and I just so happen to watch Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist (which just came out btw). They collaborated them all together to create The Defenders and the really cool, really fast trailer was released this week. It comes to Netflix 08-18-2017 so that gives you plenty of time to catch up. I can't wait!