Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Both Brody and Miguel got moved up in their Little Gym class. They were birds but because of age, they are now Beast. We thought there was going to be about 6 weeks where Brody would be in beast class and Miguel in birds (since they are 3 months apart) but because the Little Gym is the most wonderful place in the world...they allowed these best friends to move up together.  If are over the age of 19 months, and under 2 1/2, you can come join our class! Monday's at 10:30 in Mansfield with Miss. Sara (who is Brody's favorite teacher). I got some really cool, fun pictures of them in class on Monday. 
Some of the things they will be working on in this class (verses Birds) is sharing, a more structured lesson plan, learning to take turns and socializing more. The level the equipment is set at is harder, allowing him to attempt new challenges and finding a way to overcome them. 

I can NOT even begin to thank the Little Gym for letting them move up together! 

Brody's shirt is Emerald Sky