Friday, January 15, 2016

Lewis Family Photos

Back in November, the Lewis side of the family, us kids, decided to have pictures taken with Kim Burns. You will remember I blogged about my Clemens side having pictures taken {here} but the thing was, I couldn't blog about the Lewis side because it was a surprise to Debbie. It was one of her Christmas gifts from all of us. We are all caught up on kids for a while so it was the most perfect timing to do them. We decided to take them at Tyler Street in the new worship building. They came out so good! I love them. Here are my favorites!! 

Matt, Angie, Colton and Jace- 
Let me first off start by saying that Jace was just 3 weeks old, which means Angie was 3 weeks post-partum! We all knew Angie would bounce right back but 3 weeks!!!!! Amazing. Colton is such a good big brother and was extremely good about making sure Jace was held properly. He loves Jace and kisses him any chance he gets. 

Billy, Kristen, Kent and Billie Marie-
Colton is the kid model of the family but I think Kent should be too! If Kent could sit long enough for a photoshoot, I would beg Kris to get him in it. As much as Billie Marie is the star of our show, Kent shined the brightest to me. 

Bobby, Brody and I- 
Brody was not having it. He did not want to smile nor sit still. We did manage to get a few good ones, and the ones we did get I love so much. They are us. And for some reason, Brody looks straight up red-headed but when you see him in person, he's a dark blonde. It's funny how the lighting in the building caused that. 

The whole family-
Do you know how hard it is to get everyone looking at the right moment at the camera for 1 shot? Super hard. Either the kids looked and the parents didn't or the parents did and the kids were off in lala land. I don't know how Kim was able to get us all looking, but she did! The one of Brody losing his crap on the couch makes me laugh so hard. Because that's what it was like for almost the whole shoot. And Kent was so worried about Brody that he kept his hand on or near Brody the whole time. 

The kiddos-
They all did so good. For what it was, I was so impressed by them all. Because Colton was in charge of Jace and Billie is old enough to sit on her own (plus Miss Independent wouldn't want anyone crowding her space), Kent got Brody duty. He came up to me before the shoot even started and promised me he was going to hang on to Brody really tight and told me he would never let him go until I got him. And he did just that. 

So while this was going on, what you don't see is the craziness going on behind the camera. The parents, singing and dancing, yelling and screaming and jumping around like monkeys trying to get these kids to look and smile. 
Oh But Wait.....I recorded it :-) 

If you are interested in using Kim to take your family photos, you can find more information {here}.