Monday, November 30, 2015

Clemens Family Photos

A couple of weekends ago, my family decided to have our pictures done. We haven't had family photos taken since forever ago. Like before kids, before marriage. So it was time. I searched and searched for a photographer who A) had the availability and B) was reasonably priced. And boy, did I luck out. A girl I go to church with takes photos and was available the day we needed. I had no idea how awesome she would turn out to be. I had seen her work and loved it but her patience and the fact that she will take as long as you need and take as many photos as you want was remarkable. And her ability to work with children was incredible. Her name is Kim Burns and {here} is her facebook page if you want any more information. 

My sister wanted to take the photos outside in a woodsy area. Right behind my house is a running trail I go on that has bridges and a forest vibe. So that's where we took them. James McKnight Park in Mansfield if you are interested. 

I really do have a beautiful family. I, myself, am NOT a fan of myself in these photos. I am way to pale to be wearing that color and I am not back to my pre-baby body to wear a dress like this. I wish people would tell me. Like seriously, if you see me in something I have no purpose in being in, TELL ME! 

Here are some of my favorites! 

Thank you Kim for capturing these sweet moments of my family. You truly have an amazing gift and I can't wait to use you for years to come!