Friday, November 13, 2015

Go ahead and call me Linus

You see this blanket? 

This blanket was Bobby's baby blanket. But before I go even further, I need to tell you a story and a confession. 

Bobby's baby blanket is a lot like the baby blanket I had. I took it everywhere. I carried it so long, it eventually disintegrated. Like literally, it went from being a blanket, to a half blanket, to a piece of blanket. So I went many years after that without one. No big deal. Then I met Bobby and I found his baby blanket shoved in the back of his closet. So many memories came flooding back when I held it. Because it looked almost identical to mine. I asked him if I could have it (what did he need it for?) and he said sure but if we ever broke up, his mom would want me to give it back! So his baby blanket became mine. 

Ok...confession time and this is a doozy. Up until about 6 weeks ago, I still slept with this baby blanket every night. This blanket has been through the best and worst with me. It has gone on every vacation since I have owned it, it's been to Jamaica, it's been to France (oui oui), it's been to Church camp. When I would go to Bobby's for the weekend, it would go. This blanket has seen the worst, heard the worst, felt the tears, known the joy, been moved around and never once let me down. If this blanket could talk....let's not go there! I got to the point that I couldn't sleep without it. The comfort level of this blanket is like no other. And it's not like I had to snuggle it at night (that's a lie). Sometime's it would be on my pillow, or under my arm, or wrapped around me or used as a blanket. But it had to be with me. My mom asked me before I had Brody if I was going to let him have it. I told her no, that this was mine and he can find one for himself in the many blankets that were bought for him. 

Alright...go ahead and call me Linus but I don't care. Bobby has strict orders in a fire, there are 4 things he must save! Brody, Bullet, Dash and this baby blanket! Everything else I can replace. 

So 6 weeks ago, we were still having issues with Brody and his tummy and getting him comfortable. I had a doctors appointment to go to so I left Brody with Bobby. When I came home, I asked how he did and Bobby told me awful, that he couldn't get him comfortable until he decided to wrap him up in my baby blanket. He said as soon as he did, he got calm and fell right to sleep. That baby slept 3 hours! 

Not gonna lie. My heart cried when I knew that I was probably gonna have to give this blanket up. That every time we would let Brody sleep with it or snuggle with it, he would fall fast asleep. So for the past 4 weeks, it has slept on top of Brody at night. During the day we don't swaddle Brody so he is able to hold on to it as he sleeps, but at night we swaddle cause he sleeps better like that. 

 Last week, Bobby sent Brody to my sister's with it by accident. Kara was having a hard time getting him comfortable and said he just cried for a while. She found the blanket in his carseat, wrapped him up in it and she said he was instantly out. We all think that the reason he loves it so much is because it smells like me. That when he holds it, he has a comfort feeling that we give him. Or this blanket has special powers (ok so it's only me that thinks this). 

So my (yes, I call it mine even though it was Bobby's) baby blanket, the thing I can't live without is now my son's. It makes me tear up thinking about how this blanket is now his and how he now finds comfort in it like his daddy did and how his momma does. 

Brodyman- if you ever want to give this back to momma she will take it back, no questions asked! But until then, I hope it brings you as much comfort as it did me all those years.