Wednesday, November 4, 2015

3 months old

How old? 3 months

Weight? 16..1 pounds (95 percentile)

Length? 25 inches (97 percentile)

Likes? His Johnny Jump-up, his exersaucer, watching TV, sleeping on his side, being with us, talking, being sung to, the sound of water, the letters O and A, taking baths with momma. 

Dislikes? When I take the bottle away before he is done to burp, he gets really pissed at me. 

Eating? 3 oz every 2 hours. He is still on soy formula. 

Sleeping? Some babies can sleep anywhere. Not my kid. He has to be comfortable. Like snuggled in a blanket on his side comfy during the day, and swaddled at night. 

Awake? He is awake a good part of the day. He takes a small morning nap and a longer afternoon nap but besides that, he is awake. 

Milestones? Rolling to his side, following objects with his eyes, turning his head to the sound of my voice, smiling, cooing, making talking sounds, teething, he got his first case of being sick. He has officially found his tongue too. He loves that thing. He sticks it out whenever he gets the chance and plays with his gums with it. Tummy time is getting much better. He has learned to lift his head and look around. He does get pissed after a couple of minutes but each day gets better. 

Anything new? His looks have really started to change. I see me in him one minute and then he will look at me a certain way, and he looks just like Bobby. It amazes me how fast their looks change. He's not that old but when I look back on when we brought him home, just a world of a difference. He really is starting to communicate to B and I on things he likes and doesn't. We all love laying on the bed together talking. We talk to him constantly. I want him to feel included and some day join in on our conversation so I am starting him now. 

How's Mom and Dad? We are good. Haven't had a date night but it's ok. We are loving this time with him. He is becoming so much fun for us. I know Bobby is glad we had a boy first, even though he won't come out and say it. He takes great pride in Brody. They are starting to wrestle and it makes me laugh. They both make me so incredibly happy. 

How's Dash and Bullet? They have adjusted finally. Dash went through a rebellion stage that he just got out of. He was getting in our trash can and getting poopy diapers and destroying them around the house. Almost every time we left the house, he would destroy something. Bobby almost gave him to my parents because we just couldn't get him to behave. And we can only blame him so much. We are the ones who brought Brody home and rocked his world. The solution we came to was a kennel. When we first got Dash, he was kenneled but once he got older, we didn't need it anymore. But we are back to it. We got a huge one and gave him a soft blanket to sleep on. He goes right in for us. Bullet never really cared that we brought Brody home, it didn't disrupt anything for him. As long as Bullet has food and a warm bed to sleep in, he's golden. 

Favorite photo this month? I have 2...I am usually the one who takes a bath with Brody, it's just easier for me. But this one night we decided to give Brody a bath by himself in his tub and about half way through, he didn't like it. So what does Bobby do....strip down and get in with him. So what do I do....take pictures. :-) 
I love my boys so much.