Tuesday, November 24, 2015

16 weeks

How old? 16 weeks

Likes? Cereal 

Hates? His bed. Ok....so not the bed itself. It's the waking up in there alone and not knowing where he is. The struggle to get him to sleep in there is real. 

Milestones this week? Eating cereal. The kid loves it! 

Sleeping? Everyday is different for naps. Nighttime, we have him really good on a routine. But day time sleeping, varies. And he sleeps on the couch when he naps. It's the only place he's comfy. It works for now but we are trying to move him to his bed. He is not a cry for a little bit and then give up kind of kid. He is a cry and cry and cry some more kind of kid. He isn't good at self soothing and HATES feeling alone. We are talking about getting a small tv for his room and turning it on with music when he sleeps and seeing if that helps. He falls asleep to tv on the couch (I know it's a bad habit, you don't have to tell me) so we think if there is the same kind of format in his room, his bed sleeping will be easier for him. #TheStruggleIsRealY'all 

Eating? 3 ounces bottles every 2 hours. 4 ounce bottle at bedtime and during the middle of the night. 1 tablespoon of rice cereal (mixed with some formula) in the morning and then another tablespoon at night time.