Tuesday, November 17, 2015

15 weeks

How old? 15 weeks

Likes? Being tickled, playing around on our bed

Hates? Teething

Milestones this week? Laughing! I could listen to this baby laugh all day, everyday. It's the best thing in the world to me.

Sleeping? 9:30pm-4am almost every night. I am still having to get up a few times to give him his pacifier but he goes right back to sleep. His day time sleeping is different everyday. Sometimes he sleeps for 3 hours and sometimes it's 30 minute catnaps. We have a relaxed schedule so as long as he is getting sleep during the day, I don't care how long or how many. 

Eating? I think we are about to bump him up to 4oz each time now.  We are trying to get him to go longer than 2 hours but he just loves to eat. And with his acid reflux, we have to be careful about not overfeeding him. I bumped him up to size 2 nipples last night and he drank his bottle so much quicker. He loved it. I could tell he was really sucking hard when he was eating and I think it was causing more gas to go into his tummy. But with the 2, he seemed happier. He is so close to being able to eat cereal and I am so excited for that! He's going to love it!