Friday, November 6, 2015


I love Halloween because I love dressing up! My favorite Halloween costume was when I went as Miley Cyrus! It was awesome. 

And I usually always go trick or treating with either the Lewis side or the Clemens side. Seeing my nieces and nephews all dressed up is one of my favorite things. They look so cute and always let Aunt Dani take some of their candy (whether they want me to take it or not)! But this year, I wasn't able to go with either one. Brody is just too small and since we just moved into our neighborhood, we wanted to stay in and pass out candy. So I was not able to go out with them. So I sent text to all my sisters, begging them to send me photos of the kiddos all dressed up so I could get my fix that way. 

Landry went as a clown, Colton went as Bowser, Kent went as Batman, Hayden went as Charlie Brown and Billie Marie went as a kitty cat. 

I wasn't going to get Brody anything this year. He is too small and they are too expensive. But my mom was at Kid to Kid and found the most perfect Halloween costume for him and it was only $3 so I told her to get it. 

"T-I-double"guh"-errrrr, that spells Tigger!" 

Happy Halloween from my little B to you!