Thursday, November 5, 2015

The power of lipstick

Dear Diary, 

Growing up, there was always something that stuck out to me about my mom. Not only did I think (and still do) that my mother is the prettiest lady in the world, she always had lipstick on. And I never understood it. She never went anywhere without mascara or lipstick. My dad would always tell her to kiss him before she "put her lips on". Now....I am like her (except when I am super tired). I don't go anywhere without mascara or something on my lips. But finding a lipstick that I loved was hard. Mom always wore Clinique lipstick and I would always go through her makeup drawer and steal them. But I still was never a fan of them. They always smelt funny. When I started selling Younique. they didn't carry lipstick. Only lip gloss. And I am more of a lipstick fan because lip gloss can be sticky (even though Younique's is actually wonderful and not sticky). But a few months ago, Younique launched a lipstick line. 

Y'all.......I can not tell begin to tell you how much I love this lipstick. It has no weird smell, goes on so smooth and stays. And the colors are just gorgeous. They are $19 a piece or under collections and sets, you can get 3 for $50. 

My favorite is Upper Class. It really suits my skin tone and how I wear my makeup on a daily basis. I just really like how creamy they are. And how well they go with the lip liner and gloss. And how well they stay on my lips, even through my morning coffee. 

Now when I step out of the house, I always have a little part of my mom with me. I have my mascara on (3D fiber lash of course) and I have my lips on. Because a girl should never be without her mascara and lipstick, you never know when you will need to be rescued! 

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Love, Me