Monday, November 16, 2015

Someday we will meet

Yesterday was a special day for the Lewis family. Well a very sad but special day. You see yesterday was the day that Aubrey was born. For those of you who are wondering who Aubrey is, she is the baby girl of my Matt and Angie Talbert, my brother in law and sister in law. You're asking yourself, "Dani you don't blog about a baby girl named Aubrey...?" That's because Aubrey is with God. Aubrey was only 20 weeks old when she was born. Her heart and intestines were developing on the outside of her chest cavity and there was no surgery that could fix her. I think about Aubrey a lot. I will always wonder what she looks like (I have a feeling like Angie) and what she sounds like and if she would have been a drama queen or a little Tomboy. Yesterday marks the 1 year of her birth and her death. 

The things I have learned from all of this is: 
A) Matt and Angie are 2 of the strongest people I know. They never once gave up their faith in God and have learned to love even harder.
B) That God's love is never ending. Even though we may not understand why he does what he does, his love is forever. He carries us in our hardest times. 
C) Jace Lewis Talbert is such a blessing to me. When Angie sent us a photo from Disney with a shirt of Mickey Mouse, saying she was pregnant again, my heart did backflips. We all prayed so hard for this baby for them and he's here and perfectly healthy. 
D) Never ever give up the faith. That God does take care of his children and God does love each of us. 
E) To remember the small things in life. To not take life so seriously. To love my son and cherish all the things he does. To remember to thank God everyday for all the things I have been given. Life is so precious and how we live it matters. 

Someday we will meet and someday I will be able to wrap my arms around you. Something I wish I could do now. Your life on this Earth was very short but your life in Heaven is everlasting. I can only imagine how beautiful you are and how sweet you are. I can't wait to meet you. Thank you for sending Jace to be with us. Brody really thanks you for that, even though you would have been just as fun for him. I love you sweet girl! 
-Aunt Dani