Monday, November 9, 2015

Jace Lewis Talbert

Over the weekend, I became an aunt again. This is the last time I will say this (or at least I am 99% sure this is the last time I will say this). It made me sad to think my sisters are done having kids. Being an aunt is one of my greatest joys in life, it just fills my heart to no end, so to think that this is the last one to call me Aunt Dani just made me a little sad. But enough about me......let's talk about my new nephew Jace Lewis Talbert. 

I had this feeling, since we found out it was a boy, that he was going to look like Angie. Something in me just had this feeling. And boy, was I right. He is looks just like her. He has her big eyes and her face structure. I look at him and I see Angie. Colton looks like Matt to me and the older he gets, the more he favors Matt. So it's only fitting that Jace look like Angie. Plus he has the Lewis middle name, it's only right. 

I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this baby already. I've only met him once and only got to hold him for about 3 minutes but it was just wonderful. Him compared to Brody is like night and day. My baby looks so big now! Yes, I know there is a 3 month gap but Bobby and I have a chunkster on our hands. 

Jace Lewis Talbert
7lbs 4oz

Grammy's grandbabies. 
There was about 4 cameras going and trying to get the 3 oldest to all smile at the same time at the same camera was hard. Brody is too small and Jace has no idea what he was just born into :-)
After the impromptu photo shoot, Kent runs up to me and says "Aunt Dani....I held Brody good. I didn't let go, not even once!" 
Thanks buddy.

BTW: Aren't these some of the most cutest kids you've ever seen? Ugh....I just love all of their faces so much! If I could, I would have all of nieces and nephews live with me. Fill my home with joy and laughter! 

 This is my favorite! Kent's smile, Brody's Oh face, Billie in her own world, Colton doing his cheese face and Jace waving! 
Cue my heart exploding

Billie Marie is a little momma. She loves her babies, especially her baby Brody. She gives him as many kisses as we let her and wants to hold him any chance she gets. This is my favorite. He's like her own personal baby doll. And don't let Billie Marie fool you. She can hold her own with these boys. They are all wrapped around her little finger and she's tougher than them all. I feel sorry for any boy that she dates. Between her daddy, her pop, her uncle, her brother, her cousins and her Aunt Dani......good luck dude! 

Aunt Dani loves you so much already. You are such a blessing to me and a wonderful gift from God to the Lewis family. I look forward to seeing what you become some day. You and Brody are going to be such great friends. I love you sweet baby! And remember who your favorite aunt not Kristen!