Friday, November 20, 2015


My son has an obsession.

It's called Hayden Timothy Smith.

Everyday my sister watches Brody, she will send me photos during the day (another reason why I love him being with her).

And almost every time there is at least one photo that involves Hayden and Brody.

Hayden is the best helper. I was a little worried about Brody going over there. I didn't want to upset Hayden or make Hayden feel less important to his mom. But Hayden has taken over the big brother role. It comes naturally to him. And Hayden is a fantastic child. He's well behaved. He's laid back. He rarely has a fit and if he does, it doesn't last long. So Brody looking up to him is something I love. They already have a great friendship, even at 3 months and 2 years old. Kara says that Brody just watches Hayden and follows him around with his eyes. 

Hayden can't quite say Brody. He calls him Brobee. And we all love it. It's the cutest thing. 

 Feeding Brobee

Rocking Brobee to sleep

 This photo was sent to me Monday. Kara said she went to put the burp cloth in the laundry room and came out to this! Hayden had put these on Brody. I laughed all day and still laugh when I see this. 

Thank you for taking such great care of Brobee! You are such a cool, fun, beautiful child that I just love and adore. Everyone that meets you just automatically falls in love with you. I am so glad Brobee has you to look up to. You will always be his protector. We always say you will be on the offensive line, protecting your baby cousin playing quarterback. And lord help you both with me, your mom and your Mimi in the audience! 
I love you buddy!