Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas 2015- My Favorite Photos

Growing up, Stephanie was always the little sister I never had. She always loved Kara and I and if you ever need an ego boost, Stephanie is the girl for you. She always has a nice word to say and never seems frazzled. So I knew Brody would love her. I swear this kid of mine was born to have his picture taken. He knows when I point my phone at him, he needs to pose. So us girls surrounded him, he looked at the camera and here we are. So I was looking at this photo and admiring us girls when I noticed something super sweet in the you see it? 

I have always been Granddaddy's girl. I have always had a very special bond with him. So when I had Brody, it was really important to me that he know my Grammy and Granddaddy. I think Brody is very special to my Granddaddy because he's mine and he looks so much like me. Granddaddy flocks to Brody and talks very calmly to him and Brody just stares at him. I caught this sweet moment. Brought tears to my eyes. To see someone you love so very much, love on the thing that completes your whole world...there's nothing better. Brody sat there for a while holding my Granddaddy's finger. 

This was the year of kisses. Especially from Billie Marie to her babies. And Brody loves kisses! It's his favorite thing right now. Billie had to stop Brody riding around to plant one on him and he didn't hesitate to give her one back. 

And Brody decided he needed to give Jace kisses. It looks like Brody is really holding on to Jace and practically eating Jace's face. And Jace is like "ummm mom....there's a baby zombie eating my face?" I love these babies so much! 

So last year, Kristen surprised Debbie by getting all the kiddos (Colton, Kent and Billie) matching PJ's for the night before Christmas and taking photos. So we could not not do it this year. How I love this photo! OMG. Their faces are the best. Kent is always in charge of Brody since Colton has Jace duty and Billie is too little to hold him. Kent kept saying "Brody, you are heavy!" but he never let go of him. Maybe in like 20 years we can get them to remake this photo!

Remember on Wednesday I was telling you about all the grandchildren of Honey and how we keep multiplying, well here is proof. It started out as 6 of them and has turned into 17 (plus one in Katie's tummy). If B and I have anymore and if Katie has any more after this one, we really won't have any room! 
Back row: Matt, Colton, Jace, Angie, Kristen, Billie, Katie (and baby), Weston, me, Brody and Bobby
Front: Alex, Billy, Kent, Loralei, AJ and Adam

This year, each kiddo got their own chair. Landry got a new chair for her room, Hayden got advanced to a bigger Pottery Barn chair and Brody got Hayden's smaller Pottery Barn chair but with a new cover. Isn't this the cutest thing? 

So we all thought it would be fun to wear our PJ's for Christmas night and then Kara had a wonderful idea to take Bobby's selfie stick and take a family photo. We even got Brody looking! And Bullet and Dash even sort of made it in the photo (can you spot them?) 

And here is Uncle Tim and Aunt Kara loving on my Broman. I told my mom I wish this was Bobby and I instead because it is such a great photo! But Brody smiles when I am behind the camera and tends to not smile if someone else is so to get him to smile with us is hard. Doesn't Tim look amazing?! So cute 

How blessed am I? To have so much love and family in my life. I thank my God everyday for these memories and the ability to capture it on a photo to have with me!