Tuesday, January 26, 2016

25 weeks

How old? 25 weeks 

Likes? Giving kisses. Like extremely violent loving open mouth kisses. He loves kissing you and comes at you full force and you walk away stunned and covered in drool (but I love it). 

Hates? When he realizes he is alone in a room. He will play on his own and do his own thing as long as he knows we are somewhere around. But when he realizes that no one is in the same room with him, he freaks out! 

Milestones this week? He is getting really good at sitting on his own. He won't for very long because something will get his attention and his big head will take him down but he wants to master it so bad. He is a very active baby, always on the go, so sitting in one place for very long just doesn't cut it for him. 

Sleeping? He slept through the night once last week and I knew it was too good to be true. He does only wake once, take a bottle and go right back out so I know it could be worse. He still doesn't nap in his bed and no matter how hard we try, he just screams. He only likes to nap when he's moving, either in the Bjorn, the car or in the bouncy seat. I just can't figure it out. 

Eating? On Sunday I made him zucchini and let him try it. He didn't like it by itself so I mixed it with green beans and broccoli. He also tried avocado and loved it and we all went to dinner Saturday night (sushi) and we ordered him some plain white rice and let him have a few pieces at a time. He loved it. He kept saying "yummmm" after every time. He is really good at chewing his food so I never worried about giving him rice like that. 

I also want to say a Happy Birthday to my Granddaddy, Gail Clemens. I love my Granddaddy so much and have always had such an incredible bond with him. I've always felt like his girl, the closest one to him and maybe it's because I am named after his brother that died so young (ok so my dad is named after him and then I'm named after my dad but you understand what I mean) or maybe it's because he loves me the most :-) But for whatever the reason, I am glad I have a close bond with him. And now he gets to love my son, who is carrying on the "Danny" name, as a middle name of Daniel.