Monday, January 4, 2016

5 months old

How old? 5 months

Weight? 20.2 lbs (90 percentile)

Length? 26.5 inches (86 percentile)

Likes? Giving kisses, laughing, smiling, his walker, his new swing, eating, being carried around in the Baby Bjorn, Sophie the giraffe 

Dislikes? Feeling isolated...if he realizes he is the only one in the room he freaks out. 

Eating? Takes 5-6 ounces bottles, 4-5 times a day and has cereal twice a day. This next month we get to start real food and I am so excited to see him try things for the first time. I am making his baby food but I will do a whole blog on that. 

Sleeping? Ugh....still struggling. He has learned the art of tummy sleeping but this is something new. Like as of Sunday new. The past two nights I have gone in there with him on his tummy. He does sleep better like that but he just isn't sure about it at first. He screams for a couple of minutes, realizes how comfy he is and is out. We are still struggling with the acid reflux. They switched his medicine but I just don't feel like it's working as good as it should. So I have a call in with his doctor to switch him again. He is also teething so sleep just isn't a thing right now unless it's on me or snuggling with Bobby.

Awake? He just loves being with us. He is awake most of the day.

Milestones? Rolling over, riding in a shopping cart, really working on standing and crunching his stomach muscles for sitting up. He is so close to being able to sit up on his own, he just has a really big head to hold up. He had his first Christmas and got so many nice things. 

Anything new? We had our first double ear infection. He finally got to meet my cousin Stephanie (isn't she gorgeous?!). He is talking up a storm. Cracks both Bobby and I up. 

How's mom and dad? We are good. I am tired still. This whole getting up at 2am crap needs to stop soon. I got 3 full nights of sleep in Vegas and it felt amazing. Today I start back running. I got running shoes for Christmas so I am ready to put them to good use. I am training for a half marathon in April so I need to get going! 

How's Dash and Bullet? Dash and Brody are the best of friends. Dash loves to lick him, especially on and in the mouth. I try to catch it when I can. After Brody has eaten his cereal, Dash seeks him out and licks him. Brody loves it. He looks for Dash. And if Dash gets close enough, he pulls at Dash or reaches for him. Bullet still could care less. We try to keep them involved with Brody and us.

Extra photos I just love? 
Brody loves Kent and Kent is really good at letting Brody just feel all over his face and pull at him. 
 Tim doesn't hold babies, they just scare him and he is afraid he is going to drop them or hurt them. I actually know a lot of people like this. But at Christmas, we forced him to hold Brody and I got the best picture because of it. 
 Brody normally takes a bath in his bathtub where he can play and move around but sometimes, he has a bad diaper and has to take a bath like this. He loves it. He loves playing in the water spout and watching the water go down his hands. 
 Brody loves Billie Marie.....but I think Billie Marie loves Brody more. He is her baby! 
 I can't believe this is the same baby! 18 week difference. Those chicken legs went to chicken nuggets in the blink of an eye. And those cheeks! Also, notice the hair color is lightening up. I think we may have a blonde kid, instead of a dark headed kid. 
 FaceTime with Ms. Landry Kate Smith. 
 Hey Good Lookin
 So if you know Bobby, you know he's read like 3 books in his whole life. He hates reading. But reading is a really important learning process for babies. Bobby told me this book had no meaning but it doesn't matter. Brody loved it! Bobby is really a good dad. Bobby proceeded to read one more book that evening to him. So make that 5 books my husband has read now :-) 

Favorite photo this month?