Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas 2015 part 2

Let's continue on with Christmas! 

Day: Friday, December 25th
Time: 12pm
Place: Debbie's house
After we go to Honey's house, we all drive over to Debbie's house. Debbie lives about 1/4 a mile away from her mom so we don't go far. Debbie is the type of Grandmother that over buys for everyone. She loves shopping for us and over does it each year. I told both her and my mom to not buy Brody a lot. That he has no idea what is going on and luckily, they both listened. Since Colton got to open Jace's presents this year, I told Kent if he wanted to open Brody's gifts, he could. After every one he opened, he would come show me and Brody what he got. I didn't get many photos at Debbie'e because I had a sleeping baby in my arms and everyone open's so fast! 

Day: Friday, December 25th
Time: 4:30pm
Place: My house
Since we go to my aunt's house in Clyde the following day, my house is the closest to her. So everyone decided to come have a sleepover at my house. Mom and Kara were in the spare bedroom, Landry and my dad were upstairs on our new couch and Tim and Hayden went on home since Kara is only about 20 minutes from me. It was a lot of fun! Bobby made chicken and waffles for dinner and we had some good wine. We let Landry and Hayden open first so they could have some toys to play with. 

Day: Saturday, December 26th
Time: 11am
Place: My Aunt Karen's house in Clyde, Texas
I love my Aunt Karen. Aunt Karen is one of the aunt's that doesn't say no to you. She was always super fun growing up and would buy Kara and I anything. We are her girls, since she only had boys. My Uncle Steve is probably the nicest man you will every meet and he is always so interested in what you are saying. I am super close to my cousin Chase and the older Brett gets, the closer I become to him. Chase is sooooooo good with babies. There isn't a baby or child that doesn't like Chase. And usually Brett shy's away from children but not this year. He played with Hayden the best! All we kept hearing was "Bet....Bet!" (that's how Hayden said Brett). 

The we headed on home and Christmas was officially done. was exhausting but I wouldn't change it for anything. I got some really nice things and seeing my family with Brody was just the best. Poor pup did really good, way better than Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving was awful....I don't want to talk about it)!

Tomorrow I am going to share with you my favorite photos I took over the holiday. There aren't too many, but they will forever be my favs of the 2015 year!