Thursday, January 21, 2016

New glasses

Dear Diary,

You see these glasses right here.....

I've had these glasses for 5 years now. Before these glasses I had the same pair for like 10 years. I am extremely awful about getting my eyes checked. And I should be great at it because I have awful eyes. 2 weeks ago, I was playing with Brody on our bed and he decided to take them off my face and stretch them. Y'all....these glasses are my life line. It's how I watch TV, how I drive in the dark, how I read. I thought about getting contacts but I have an eye phobia to where I can't touch my eyes. It wasn't until about a year ago was I able to put eye drops in my eyes. So I sat down with Bobby and told him that Brody has ruined my glasses so it was time to get new ones. We discussed me getting contacts but I just don't think I could do them. He told me to just get new glasses and if it becomes an issue down the road, to suck it up and do the contacts. I knew going in what frames I wanted. I found the most perfect eye place by me, made my appointment and got it done. And luckily for me, they carried exactly what I wanted. 
So here are my new glasses. I am still trying to get use to the new prescription and when I am with Brody, I wear the old ones. Just in case he decides they need to come off my face again.

Love, Me