Tuesday, January 5, 2016

22 weeks

How old? 22 weeks

Likes? Being tickled, being read to, giving you wet kisses

Hates? Falling asleep on his own

Milestones this week? Walking in his walker. He is taking so many steps now. He does have to be bare footed to be able to move across the floor but I will put him in one spot and then look back 30 seconds later and he has already moved himself to another spot. 

Sleeping? Tummy sleeping is in full force. 

Eating? We start broccoli this week! I am so excited for him to try it. I will be giving him something new each week to see how he does and if he likes it. Doctor said to start with the less sweet veggies and work my way to sweeter. If you give them sweeter veggies first, they won't eat the others. We will do greens, yellows and then orange color veggies. Then fruit starts after that but that weeks away!