Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas 2015 part 1

I celebrate 6 Christmas'. 6! Yes, I understand how blessed I am that I get to partake in so many but it can be overwhelming. Especially this year with having Brody. Poor thing didn't get much sleep and the sleep he did get, was on me! Which spoiled him which lead to him backtracking in the sleeping on his own department. 

But anyways! 

I am NOT going to do 6 blogs on Christmas. I am going to combine them in the next 3 days. Today and tomorrow I am going to talk a little bit about each and on Friday, I am going to share some of my favorite photos from each Christmas. 

Day: Wednesday, December 23rd
Time: 4pm
Place: Grammy and Granddaddy's house with my dad's side of the family
We use to do Christmas with G&G on the 24th, but with everyone's combined families, it made it easier to do it on the 23rd instead. We moved it to this day about 10 years ago. Since moving to Mansfield, I don't get to see much of my family. So I make sure I send weekly photos to my Grammy so she can see Brody's growth. I love my Uncle Donny, Aunt Diane, Jake and Stephanie so much. I wish I saw them more. They are the calmest, most nicest people. My Uncle Donny is one of Bobby's favorite people in the world. Always has been. Stephanie hadn't gotten to meet Brody yet because when he was born, she was already back to college and she didn't come in for Thanksgiving. 

Day: Thursday, December 24th
Time: 3pm
Place: Matt and Angie's house with Bill's side of the family
Bill has two sisters, Cindy and Lori. Cindy lives about 3 hours away and Lori lives in Denton. I don't see them much. I get to see Lori at Galveston every year. She will come down for a couple of days to be with us. Cindy lives to far away and we only get to see her at Christmas if she can make it. Brody wore a shirt that said Kiss Me on it and everyone around him couldn't stop kissing him. He of course loves it and welcomes the kiss. 

Day: Friday, December 25th
Time: 10am
Place: Honey's house for Debbie's side of the family
Debbie has one brother named Chuck, who is married to Teri. They have Adam, Alex and AJ. Alex is married to Katie and they have Loralei and Weston. (Are you keeping up?) We also found out that Katie is pregnant so we are going to add another one to this crazy bunch. Honey's house does not fit us all but we make it work somehow. Bobby let Billie Marie ride in his lap and pretend to drive. She loves her Uncle Bobby! we are half way through Christmas with much more to come! Stay tuned to tomorrow for the rest of Christmas and don't forget to come back Friday for my favorite pics yet to be shown! They are great!