Tuesday, January 12, 2016

23 weeks

How old? 23 weeks

Likes? Broccoli and green beans

Hates? Teething

Milestones this week? He is eating real food now. He started on broccoli and now is onto green beans. So far so good. He finally got a bottom tooth to poke through. He was so irritable the past couple of weeks but once it was through, he was such a better baby. But now we are working on the second bottom tooth coming in so back to irritable, clingy baby! And I want to go on record and say how much I hate drool! That poor kid gets his face wiped all day long. 

Sleeping? He slept in til 10:30 on Saturday. We couldn't believe it. He doesn't go all night, he still wakes up once for a bottle but always goes back to sleep. But Sunday and Monday morning, he woke at 6am screaming. That's how I know the other tooth is working its way up. I can't image how much pain that must cause him. His afternoon naps have been in my arms because he can't get comfortable anywhere else. I can't wait for this other tooth to cut through, just so he can sleep comfy again. 

Eating? The boy loves his veggies. He is doing really good on them. He gets some at lunch and some at dinner. I always give them to him first and then give him some cereal afterwards.