Wednesday, January 13, 2016


About 3/4 into my pregnancy, Bobby and I started discussing where we were going to send Mighty Mouse while I went to work. I had the brilliant idea of asking my mom to keep him the 2 days I worked. It was the most ideal situation for me. She would get time with him and in return he would get the education, love and attention he deserved. She wholeheartedly said yes! About 2 months later, she came to us telling us she wouldn't be able to keep him until January. Something came up and that was that. So B and I were back to square one. 

So we called around Mansfield and Irving (since I work in Irving) looking for places that did part-time. 8 out of the 10 places I called didn't do part time for babies. And 1 out of those 2 I wasn't very crazy about. The only 1 I liked was in Mansfield but was going to cost so much for just 2 days a week. Long story all know my sister swooped in and told me she would keep him those days till mom could start. 

So here we are, January and my mom officially started last week. I couldn't be more excited. He loves her almost as much as she loves him. I never have to worry about him or wonder what he's doing or if he's being loved and taken care of. Mom comes to our house Sunday night and spends all the way till Tuesday afternoon with us. So far it has worked out great. Brody isn't the easiest baby so I know she is tired when she leaves but I also know she wouldn't change it for the world. 

Thank you mom for keeping little man for me. Knowing he is with you, knowing you are teaching him, reading to him, making him laugh, encouraging him, loving him just means the world to me. Brody and I are so very lucky to have you! We love you!