Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow day!

We have had quite a 2 weeks here in Texas. Record breaking snow hit us over night and what I woke up to was just beautiful. I love snow. And because we don't get it often, I don't mind it. Since my 2 legged child is currently inside my stomach growing like a weed everyday, getting ready to make his debut, I take advantage of my 4 legged children having fun in it. So what do we do on a cold snowy day? We stay inside. Bullet hates the cold and snow and does his best to hold his bladder as long as he can. Dash loves any weather. Rather it's 2 degrees or 102 degrees. He loves being outside. I took a lot of pictures of them but here are a few of my favs. 

Bullet smashing his face into the snow when he clearly had a path to go on. Frenchie's are so stubborn! 

 Dash running around. This one was from last week. He loves it. He rolls around and does everything he can to get as much snow inside my house as the outside. 

 Even though Bullet is the smaller of them two, he is totally the leader. Dash loves his Bullet! 

They are never far from each other. Ever. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful snow day if you are here in Dallas, Texas. I got my decaf coffee, my flavored cream, food, TV, computer for work and my boys to keep me company!