Thursday, March 19, 2015

Have Courage & Be Kind

What a great night I had last night! Ever since myself, my mom, my sister and Landry saw this poster...

We knew we couldn't wait to see it. There didn't have to be any words or who was staring in it...we all knew what this one shoe meant. 


And last night, the 4 of us made our way to Grapevine Mills to see it. I always pre-purchase our tickets on Fandango and was able to get the best seats in the house for Landry and us for the night. This was going to be my first time seeing a movie with her in the theater so I was very excited. We went to the fork and screen theater so we could eat dinner while we watched the movie. 

There was a 7 minute Frozen mini movie before Cinderella called Frozen Fever which was awesome. The creators of Frozen really know what they are doing and I can't wait for Frozen 2 to come out. But then right after that, Cinderella started.
 And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It was sooooo good. The girl they got to play Cinderella (who's real name is Ella but her stepsisters call her Cinderella to insult her) was gorgeous. Her name is Lily James and she is more known for her Downton Abbey character. But she really brought the grace and kindness of Cinderella to the screen. She had this natural beauty about her that was really refreshing to find in a character. A character that is so loved by so many little girls and women around the world. She did a wonderful job. She taught so many lessons in this story without giving you a lecture. I don't want to give away the movie so I won't talk about that, but I will say at a few moments I wanted to tear up. And yes, I know I'm pregnant but it doesn't matter. It gets to you. She reminds you to be kind and gracious and to have manners and when in doubt...wear blue! 

Richard Madden played Prince Charming, or Kip (learned his real name last night) and he didn't disappoint either. He has these piercing blue eyes that are totally real (I looked it up and read they did not digital enhance them. They just placed him in good lighting and his eyes just shined like that). I was afraid they were going to make him dorky or unmanly but nope. He was perfect. 

And then you have Cate Blanchett as the Step-Mother. It was the most perfect casting for the step-mother. WOW. I love Cate but really hated her in this movie. And that's what you want. She was that good. Besides Helen Bonham Carter, she was the only big name in the whole movie but it was great because she lived up to her name. And the 2 girls they got to play her 2 step-daughters made the perfect Drisella and Anastasia. Sophia McShera played Drisella (dressed in yellow the whole movie) and Holliday Grainger played Anastasia (dressed in pink the whole movie). 

Speaking of Helen Bonham Carter, she played the fairy godmother and narrated the whole movie for us. I love her!!!!! She's always so good in every character she takes on and even though she was only in it for a short time, she was perfect. She was a little younger and prettier than the original fairy godmother but it didn't matter cause she played the part so well. 

Look at these two....this is what you want in a love story. You want some action, some drama, some heartbreak but in the end true love always wins. 

But the main lesson of the story, the lesson her mom teaches her when she was young, the lesson we must all take away from the movie, the lesson that we need to use in our everyday lives, the lesson that would make this world a little better...Have Courage & Be Kind! 

And what would my night be without a picture of me and my girls! 

Me and Lou and my future Prince Charming *aka Mighty Mouse* *aka baby bump*. 

Us Girls!