Monday, March 9, 2015

For Sale!

So I have been talking about BIG NEWS lately and some of you have made guesses on what it could be and's not twins. I couldn't keep that news to save my life. I would be way to excited if this was twins. This actually is something on the larger scale of life for us (and not that having a baby or two isn't on the larger scale of life). Ever since we got pregnant, we have been discussing the baby room and how we want it set up but for some reason, Bobby kept dodging the question. And I finally asked him about it and he said, "It's because I don't want to be in this house anymore. I think we should move." And at first, I refused it. I told him we had way to much going on in our lives to do this. But he made the point how it would be easier to move before the baby and be ready to go when he does arrive, than with a baby and have to move all his stuff plus 2 dogs. So after about a good month of talking about it, we made the decision to put our house on the market. So as of last Friday, 2708 Twinpost Ct. in Irving, Texas is for sale. 

I love this house. I have made so many memories in this house. But it is time for us to move to a different city with better school districts. I was born and raised in Irving (moved to Flower Mound for 7 years to just move back to Irving a married women) and to leave this city is something I am dealing with. Bobby and I decided that Mansfield, Texas is the place we want to move to. It took a lot of convincing on his end and because we all know how stubborn I am, it took me some time. 80% of the clinics that Bobby sells his supplies to is west of Dallas. But I refused to move to far away from my family and friends and he didn't want that either. So when he brought up Mansfield, I looked into it. And I loved what I found. What a great little city. And the school districts are FABULOUS! I want a pool.....that is my thing. And if the house we find doesn't have one, I want to build one. That was his compromise for moving to the area he wanted, I get to build the pool I want.  My praying knees are quite sore after all the prayers I sent up to God on this matter and I believe he has spoken to me on this. Everything is just falling into place on this. Keeping him in charge of our lives is hard but we are doing it. 

If you are interested in moving and are looking for a fabulous house in Irving, check out my house! 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 1 half bath, 2,220 square feet, office, updated kitchen, updated flooring, fabulous built in's in almost every room, pool, outdoor handmade picnic table and fire-pit, new fence and newly stained, every highway is within minutes, centrally located to everything. Our asking price is $225,000. The school district would be Farine for Elementary, Travis for Middle School, and MacArthur for High School. We are located off Rochelle between O'Connor and MacArthur. 
Front of house
Office or Media Room (dog not included)
Living Room
Dining Room overlooking Pool
Guest Bathroom and Shower below

Guest Bedroom #1
Guest Bedroom #2
Master Bedroom
Built-In's and Master Bathroom (where there are 2 separate closet and 2 separate sinks for his/hers)

Laundry Room
Outdoor Fire-Pit and Picnic Table

I wish when the pictures were taken it wasn't snowing but we are trying to move by a certain day so we are trying to not miss a day. We are having professional photos taken Thursday so I will do an update on them with better pictures. If you are wanting more information about our house, please visit  to see where it is located and how to reach our Realtor. I will also answer any question you might have about my house and the lay-out.

Also, there are some really GREAT deals going on with my house right now that you might be interested in.....Zero down (like seriously, you don't have to put a penny down at the time of purchase), no mortgage insurance (which means you normally have to pay mortgage insurance until a certain amount of the total financed is paid down, but with this you don't so it saves you money each month off your monthly mortgage) and $4,500 of the closing cost is paid for (that's a huge amount in closing cost)! The neighborhood is awesome. If it wasn't for this little guy growing in my tummy, we wouldn't be moving. Bobby has put a lot of his hard work into making this house perfect so handing it off to someone is going to be bitter sweet for us. Again, let me know if you have any questions. I would love to sell this house to a fellow reader/friend!