Monday, March 23, 2015

I need your HELP!

So I need your help with something. With the baby coming, it has come to my attention that I need a baby bag. So I started researching and looking around and finally found a few I love. But I can't decide on which one I really want. So I thought I would tell you about them and then have you help me pick a winner. 

The first one comes from Petunia Pickle Bottom and it is part of their Sashay Satchels collection. Their Sashay Satchels convert from a carry bag to a backpack with one easy switch. It has 3 pockets, 2 bottle pockets and a key slip. It has 2 bottle pockets on the outside as well. It has 2 exterior front and back pockets and 1 cell phone pocket. The problem I am having is the color. I like 3 different colors in this bag. 

This one is their limited edition in black with the etching on it. 

 I like this one because I can wear it with brown or black clothes and doesn't look to masculine or to feminine. 

And this one is so much fun with the yellow and grey and would totally stand out as a baby bag over a purse. 

What it looks like as a backpack. 

OK, the next one I like is also from Petunia Pickle Bottom and it comes from the Tailored Tote collection. This collection doesn't convert but is much taller and more sleek. It has 1 small side zippered pocket and 2 open pockets. It has 2 exterior bottle pockets as well. I only have 1 color I like from this, black and white

The last one I like comes from Stella and Dot. It is called Keep It In The Bag and for those who thought Stella and Dot didn't have a baby bag, well they do now. And it is adorable. Comes in orange/red and blue and has 2 exterior pockets, 2 side pockets for bottles, 3 interior pockets and a stroller clip. 

You see my dilemma? UGH! 
Ok so here's how you can help me. I have a survey going on the right side of this blog (under the About Me) asking you to choose which one you like best. Or you can post below or let me know on Facebook which one you think looks the most like me or would be the best for me. I am trusting all you moms out there. They are all about the same price so that I am not worried about. The survey will go till Thursday at midnight where I will announce the winner on my Friday's post. 

Thank you all in advance for this! I really do appreciate the help.