Thursday, March 12, 2015

Girl Scout Day

Do you know what today is? 

Today is National Girl Scout Day! Girl Scout cookies are the best, they simply are. From Thin Mints to Samoas to Tagalongs, they are all amazing. Before I was gluten free, I was able to order and eat any of them I wanted. But since becoming gluten free, I just get to stare at each of you and secretly wish you choke on one :) 

But not anymore! They have brought out a Gluten-Free Girl Scout Cookie (2 actually but 1 is in test market right now so was not available to buy). When I first heard of this, I went through all my facebook friends to see who has a daughter that sells. I, myself, was not a Girl Scout girl. I applied to one tribe but remember leaving the meeting and telling my mom, No thank you! Just wasn't for me. I was too much of a tomboy and just wanted to play softball. Anyways, after frantically searching for someone who had a daughter, it dawned on me. My mother in law works at a school....with children! DUH!! So I said something to Bobby about about it and what does my sweet husband do for his pregnant wife, tells his mom for me. And you need to know something about my mother in law.....if one of her children/children in law ask for something, she will do everything in her power to try to accomplish what you are looking for. She doesn't want praise for it or anything, she just wants to make us happy by finding it. And she found it for me. She asked the lady who does the Girl Scout troop at her school if she was able to get them and she found them somehow because they weren't on the Tyler Street sales sheet. She has 4 boxes for me. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am. I might put on 10 lbs alone from eating these cookies but I do not care. 

They are called Toffee-tastic and they are a rich, buttery cookie with sweet, crunchy toffee bits inside. I can already think of the ways I can eat them. By themselves; dunked in milk; a scoop of ice cream between 2 of them; crumpled up over ice cream; crumpled up over a milk shake; inside a milk shake; crumpled up over salmon and baked; as a pie crust......see I have already figured out how I am going to eat them and I haven't even gotten them yet. 

I was curious as to what was in them and what was the calorie/carb content and I found this. I know everything that is in these cookies. And that is really good when eating something. Making sure you always know what is in your food. If its something you can't read, look it up. Find out what it is. But these, I know everything in them so it makes me want them even more!  

A few fun facts about Girl Scouts: In the 1920's there were 70,000 Girl Scout girls. By 2005, there were 3.7 million Girl Scout girls. Their motto is "Be Prepared" and their slogan is "Do a good turn daily". 
The aim of the Girl Scouts is that girls will develop to their full potential by pursuing four goals: 1) developing their full potential, 2) relating to others with increasing understanding, skill and respect 3) developing a meaningful set of values to guide their actions and to provide for sound decision making, and 4) contribute to the improvement of society. So in honor of this day, either buy a box from the cute little girl at the grocery store instead of walking past her or if you have a box at home, eat an extra one in honor of that sweet girl you bought it from. 

Curious as to what the other gluten free one that is in test markets right now.....They are called Trios and they are a peanut butter oatmeal cookie with chocolate chips and I pray to God they are available next year.