Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hawaiian Falls

Two weeks ago, Bobby and I decided to go get Hawaiian Falls passes. It is super close to the house and we thought it would be a lot of fun for Brody. We didn't realize how much fun it would be for us to watch him have so much fun. They have a baby section, then they have a section that is more late toddler-maybe 10 years old section, a lazy river, a bunch of older kids-adult slides, a wave pool, a bunch of fountains shooting water everywhere. The first day we went he wore his life jacket and he didn't have that much fun. The water was super cold and we thought to ourselves, uh-oh! He hates it here, we just wasted our money. So we took him back a second time and didn't make him wear his life jacket and he had a blast. 

He doesn't go near deep water. He stays in the shallow end and when we do go to the lazy river, he sits on a float with either Bobby and I or we hold him. He loves the section for the late toddler-10 year old's. A whole bunch of little slides, a huge bucket that falls down. He just has a blast running around in there. 

Our season passes were $91.99 each. (Brody is free)
Then we purchased a season locker pass for $52.00. 
They do charge to bring in a cooler (like food and drinks of your own) so we purchased a cooler pass for $47.00. 
We also purchased the season drink cup so we can get drinks all summer for $26.99. 
So for all of that it was $335.54.
BUT it has been totally worth it. After 5 visit, you have paid for it all. And we have been 4 times in 2 weeks so to say we are getting our money's worth is correct. And we also get to get in 30 minutes earlier so we can get a seat and he gets to play on things before the hectic of the crowds. The season pass is good for all 5 water-parks just FYI.