Friday, June 9, 2017

Five on Friday

Once again, my favorite t-shirt company is have a HUGE sale today! If you click their name next to one, it will take you to the direct page you need to be on. Some are 50% off right now! They are cleaning out inventory for NEW items!!!!! Sales are limited so don't delay. And don't forget, use the code SHOPDL for 15% off!

two. SpinAgain
This is seriously one of the coolest toys we have gotten. It's this stacking block thing but not only does it stack, it spins them when they go down. Brody is addicted. He is learning colors from it, he is learning hand and eye coordination. It would make the perfect birthday gift for a 1 or 2 year old! 

three. Orange Is The New Black
Season 5 got released today on Netflix so I know what I am doing all weekend Brody is sleeping! If you don't watch this show, get on the bandwagon. It is raw and dirty and for adults only but it is so good and I can't wait to get started this afternoon! 

four. How we grocery shop
When Brody does something one time and loves it, he has to do it over and over again. Well Bobby had to run into Kroger for a few items and thought riding in the little red car through the grocery store would be a fun for Brody. Well of course it was so now EVERY-TIME we go, he freaks out if he doesn't get the little red car. And B and I always get a Starbucks drink so Brody has one too. His is so good. It is a kid cup of sweet vanilla milk. He always says "yummm more" when I give it to him. 

five. Best Friends
Both Brody and I got strep this week and it was awful. So we spent the whole day inside yesterday and we made it work. I caught these three snuggling, watching Toy Story yesterday before nap. I love their relationship. Brody is rough with them but they stand their ground and let him rough-house with them.