Friday, June 2, 2017

Five on Fridays

one. Purl Lamb
So yes I know Brody is wearing his French Fry one from them but today they are having a huge $19 sale on their donut line for National Donut Day. You seriously don't want to miss out. Brody wears a 2T-3T from them. (He's almost 3 feet tall and weighs 31 pounds)

A couple weeks ago I told you about how Demi Lovato brought out a line for Fabletics. Well I placed my order and it came in last week while I was gone. Can I just say I am way more impressed with it then I had anticipated. It is so cute and so comfy and is really good for working out in! I am so in love with this line. 

I love Quest so much. I love their protein bars, their protein powder, their protein chips. Everything. Well they just launched a bar called Hero. Y' taste like a candy bar. Well like a protein bar and a candy bar had a baby. It comes in three flavors, Blueberry Cobbler, Vanilla Caramel and Chocolate Caramel Pecan (I have tried the vanilla and chocolate) and they are delicious. The chocolate pecan is my favorite but it's only because I prefer chocolate over vanilla when it comes to protein. 

four. The Three Amigos
How cute are these 3 friends? They are so good together. Don't let Isabel's size fool you....she's runs this ship! The two boys don't stand a chance. And she's so sweet about it to. That's one of the many reason's why I love Isabel. 

five. Fishing
On Monday for Memorial Day, Bobby took Brody fishing with his family. Since I recently had sun poisoning, I opted to stay home since there wasn't much shade nor water I could hop in to, to cool off. And before you say the body of water they were fishing from...I would never hop in that lake! Both Bobby and Billy taught Brody how to fish. He even caught one (with some help) but he was so proud of himself. He wasn't scared of the fish either!