Monday, June 5, 2017

22 months

How old? 22 months and one day

Weight? 30 lbs (94 percentile)

Height? 36 inches (95 percentile)

Brody is about the same weight as he has been for while now which is great! He did grow an inch this month. 
Vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary! That is what this month has been all about. His vocabulary has improved sooo much this past month. He is repeating words and saying the words he did know much better. I am beginning to understand him when he says something.
Book reading has become a huge thing for us. He was already into books but this month for some reason I felt like I was reading more and more to him.
He loves music and loves to dance. No matter where he is, if he hears music he starts to dance. Rather it be his whole body or just him arms. And he likes it if you dance with him. He gets a thrill out of that.
OREOS are his favorite but only the cream part of it. He won't eat the chocolate part.
He loves the swimming pool but the shallow end of the swimming pool which I am totally ok with. 
We have for sure hit the terrible twos. I am already over it and it has just begun. 
Brody got to experience his first sleep overs (well other people sleeping at his house while we were away for longer than 1 night). While Bobby and I were gone for our trip, my sister came to stay with him. She brought Hayden with her for a few days and it was just wonderful for Brody. 
His biggest accomplishments this month is pee-peeing on the potty. Every night before bath he sits on the potty. Just to get familiar with it. I never expected him to use it or get it. Just not be afraid of it. And since he is the smartest kid I know, he uses it. He pees right before bath and right before he goes outside to swim in his swimming pool. It's hard with diapers to try every time we change him, but if he is transitioning to something else (like a bath or swimming suit) we attempt it. 

Brody Daniel,
You are everything to me. From your funny personality to your sweet love. You constantly keep me on my toes and wear me out but I wouldn't have it any other way. You are super fun to be around and those dimples do me in every time. I love you boopie!