Thursday, September 3, 2015

His name

Dear Diary,

I have always loved my name. I am named after my dad who is named after his uncle. It is original for a girl and have always loved having a boy name. So when it came time to naming my son, it was the hardest thing Bobby and I did. 

Bobby had a name he really liked and I had a name I really liked. But the name B liked, I was just ok with. And the name I liked, he was just ok with. So we were stuck. 

At 32 weeks, B came to me and said "We really need to talk about a name Dani. I want to call him something other than Mighty Mouse." To which I said, "We still have time. Let's talk about in a few weeks." 

At 35 weeks, B came to me with a list of names he had found that he liked and asked me to look over them and see if anything stuck out. Besides the names we had already talked about, there was only one other name on the list I liked. So we added it to the small list we had going on and went on our way. 

At 38 weeks, B told me he wanted to make something for his room with his name on it so it was time for us to decide from the list. But I just couldn't. I really wanted to see him. I wanted to see what he looked like and I just knew a name would come to us. B hated this idea. He thought I might like one thing and he like another and then our child would still not have a name. But we both kept coming back to this one name that we were growing very fond of. 

At 39 weeks, we made a decision to go with the name we couldn't get out of our heads and if we saw him and it didn't feel right, we could discuss it then. Now to think of a middle name.....back to the drawing board. 

At 40 weeks, as I am in labor, my sweet husband comes and sits next me and says "Babe, I know this isn't the best time but we NEED to decide on a name. Like this is happening and we need to go in there with something on our minds and if it doesn't look like it fits, we can figure that out then." We both loved Brody so much so with that in mind, I really wanted Daniel. Because Dani comes from Daniel and it would be a part of me for him. But Bobby wasn't fully on board with it so I just grew quiet. I then said "Let's just go with Robert. It's your legal name, it doesn't pick one family over the other and it's simple." He said ok. 
So we went in the delivery room with Brody Robert Lewis as his name. 

Then he was born and my husband takes one look at him and turns and looks at me and says "He looks just like you!" Then when I saw him, I thought the same thing. That he had a lot of my features. When we got back to the recovery room, I turned and looked at Bobby and said, "I want to go with Daniel. I want his middle name Daniel." And Bobby said, "I agree. Let's go with Daniel." 

I have a feeling if I had asked for anything at that moment in time, I would have gotten it. There was so much love and emotion flowing through that room, I could have asked for an Escalade and might have gotten it. 

We both loved Brody because neither one of us know or knew a Brody. There was no one to compare him too. The only Brody I know of is Brody Jenner and he's hot so that's cool. I knew I wanted a name that went with Bobby and I. Like when someone say's "Is Bobby, Dani and (blank) coming?" I wanted it to go with our name and Brody does that. 
Brody Daniel Lewis couldn't be more perfect for us and his name is so fitting for him. I'm glad we waited as long as we did and actually saw him because as you can see, anything can happen and anything can change. 

Love, Me