Tuesday, September 15, 2015

6 weeks old

How old? 6 weeks

Likes? Talking, TV, outside

Hates? Being left alone (something we are working on), pooping (when he has to poop, Hulk comes out and by that I mean he screams and cries and wiggles and then poops and is happy) 

Milestone's this week? Turning his head to the sound of my voice, talking to himself, taking his hand and reaching for things. He loves when he is in the Puj tub and the water is running on his legs, he likes to reach for it. He has found his hands and he likes to put them to his mouth. He can hold his head up really well too. 

Sleeping? UGH! It's been rough. He isn't the best sleeper, he likes to be with us and interacting with us. He's afraid of missing something. But once he does go to sleep, he sleeps good. 

Eating? He is up to 4oz and eats every 2 to 3 hours. He will do one 4 hour stretch in the middle of the night which is great.