Tuesday, September 8, 2015

5 weeks old

How old? 5 weeks 

Likes? Baths, being talked to

Hates? Being alone

Milestone's this week? His head control is crazy good. And we are doing our best to get him to sleep some in his bed. He's just not a big fan of his bed yet so it's been hard. Any advice would be great for helping him sleep in there. He's also awake more during feedings so I see him being more on a day sleep schedule very soon. We have been doing tummy time twice a day and he doesn't seem to mind it. And last night, I looked at him and was talking and I smiled and he smiled back. I don't care if it was gas or not, he smiled on cue to me and I was in heaven. 

Sleeping? He loves to be rocked to sleep. And I love it because it's my alone time with him. They say it's important to look in their eyes when they are being rocked because it helps with the bonding and making them feel safe and comfy, which helps them fall asleep faster. 

Eating? He must be growing because he has been eating so much lately. We have had to give him 4oz a few times this past week to get him full.