Tuesday, September 22, 2015

7 weeks old

How old? 7 weeks 

Likes? Snuggling, playing in the water, Gripe water (he suffers from hiccups so he gets a good amount of Gripe water during the day to help)

Hates? Being left alone, when he has to poop

Milestones this week? Ok, so this is going to sound weird but....he is already saying mom. When he is crying, he says mom while he is crying. I thought I was going crazy and asked Bobby and he said, no he just said mom. Now, he doesn't look at me and say it so I don't know if I can count it, but knowing it's somewhat that, melts my heart. And after he has said it, I hold him and calm him and he will say it a few more times. He likes to stand on his legs and move his head side to side. He has found his hands and is starting to suck on them. 

Sleeping? He isn't a very good sleeper. He likes cat naps. This is where we struggle the most with him. The doctor said to wait till 8 weeks to have him cry it out. So he has another week of cat naps before the tough love comes out. 

Eating? 3 to 4 ounces, every 2 to 3 hours. So we have finally figured out the right kind of formula for him. We went through every Enfamil they had and the only one that seems to be easy enough on his tummy is Enfamil Prosobee, which is their soy based one. Yes, he is on soy. That doesn't mean he will go through life with a milk allergy, it just means his system right now is having a hard time processing it and this is what he needs right now. It is such a relief to finally figure it out. His poops are better and he doesn't need gas drops as much.