Friday, November 7, 2014

There's this look that only TRUE LOVE has

Last Saturday I went and took Tim, Kara, Landry and Hayden's Christmas photos. Tim did wonderful. Kara did wonderful. Hayden did wonderful. Landry was cold. Pretty much sums up the 20 minutes it took to get these photos. And you can see how cold she was in most of the photos. Poor girl....I know I hate being cold but when a camera comes out, you fake it. She finally warmed up to the camera after her daddy made her laugh (ummm Tim...where were you 10 minutes ago) so I got one great one of her. I love taking photos. I love capturing that right moment. I tend to not like cookie cutter poses, I like more natural poses. More relaxed because they come across better. And I love real smiles, not fake smiles. You can always tell, especially in children.
I told Bobby he needs to get Hayden signed on with his modeling agency because that child was amazing. Smiled in almost every photo. Granted his Aunt Dani was the center of his attention behind the camera and yes, he loves me that much but still. He posed and smiled and never once complained.
Everyone always tells me I should get hired out to take peoples photos and I find that to be a wonderful compliment because taking photos is a joy to me. I just really try to capture the small things. The look he gives her when he doesn't think she's looking. Or that smile of a mom to her son at that right moment. Or the laugh you get from a little girl when her daddy tells her to close her legs because no one wants to see her junk.......and yes, that is what Tim told Landry to get her to laugh.
If you are interested in having me take your photos, let me know. I have no idea what I would charge or how long it would take but I can promise you that you will have made a memory and I will have captured it.

It really is so much fun being behind the camera. I love getting home and seeing what I got. I try not to look while I am there because I don't want to miss something. And to try to redo a scene is just hard and looks fake. So I just keep on taking and then go through at the end. And I always love what I get.
Because it almost all the time is TRUE LOVE!!