Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Hi....My name is Dani....and I am a PINoholic

So I love Pinterest. It's a known fact. I use to not. I use to think it was a waste of time. Like it was so overwhelming it wasn't worth the time and effort. But when I was planning my sister's surprise baby shower last July (by myself I might ask with the financial help from my mom and other family members), I found myself looking through it. My mom's best friend Tria kept sending me pins and so I started looking through it. I never thought I would fall that much in love with it. I can find anything and everything. Its like Google for a crafty person! So I thought I would share some of my pins I actually mimicked.
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When I was hosting my friends Abby sip-n-see shower, I saw this on Pinterest.
and I loved it so much, I did it too.
For Kristen's baby shower, I really loved what I did. I found this and I could have bought it off Etsy but with my art background, it was really important for me to draw it for baby girl! So I did!

But I wanted to use Billie Maries bedroom colors. I had everyone say something to Billie instead of just writing their name. It turned out better than I could imagine. And I love that she has something in her room that I drew for her. Means a lot to me as an aunt.

Another one we did for Kristen's shower was where we took Hershey bars and colored in the SHE part. If you are having a boy, you can color in the HE part with blue instead. 
You can see in the bottom left corner our Hershey bars. I couldn't find a picture of just them, but there is proof we did it.

And it's getting to be close to Thanksgiving. I love this next thing. And it is so easy and simple to make. What you do is buy a really cheap white candle. With no scent. And then you take cinnamon sticks and string and wrap it around the candle. When you light the candle, your house will smell like cinnamon. And it also makes for a wonderful center piece. Just make sure you put it on a small plate to catch the wax. And keep the string closer to the middle so it doesn't catch on fire. If you are having a hard time keeping the cinnamon in the position to tie them, you can use a little Elmers glue to hold them in place on the candle while you tie it.
I find this to be so clever and cute. You take a vase of any size, some popcorn kernels, a white candle, tie a pretty leaf to it and your done! They seem to have a place card between the popcorn kernels and the candle. You can easily do that with cardboard. Make it just small enough so you don't see it but still gives the candle some stability.

I just love being able to go to Pinterest and find the neatest, most cleaver ways to decorate. I don't cook much but I do love that there are so many Gluten Free recipes out there. Some day I will try them. Some day I will make myself cook. But for now, I just pin and hope it inspires me. 
You can really tell a lot by what a person pins!
What do your pins say about you?