Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sure, I'll hold your candy for you but I can't promise it will all be here when you get back!

We all know how much I love being an aunt.

And we all know how much I love Halloween.

So when those two combine, I am pretty much in heaven. And the result usually means over 200 pictures in a 2 hour window. When I realize I have 4 of the same picture, I knew it was time to start deleting and finding the most perfect ones of that night.

I had my own personal bodyguards all night.
Cutest Iron Man and Batman I have ever seen!!! 

My sweet Hummingbird

 I must describe what you are about to look out. The church we went to for their Trunk-or-Treat had a DJ and the boys decided to have a dance off. They danced for a good 15 minutes. And what did us adults do.....laughed....the whole 15 minutes. Kent's dance moves involved the robot and the crab dance. Both boys did a little breakdancing and a little martial arts.

Batman is doing all 3 of his moves in one dance... The Robot, The Crab and a little Michael Jackson!

And you saw how Billie Marie was in the flower costume. Well some other little girl wore that same costume years ago as well. Kristen sent me this picture of them two side by side. Both look like their daddies and both have cheeks galore!
I love it :) :)