Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The 2nd reason I love the movie Gone In 60 Seconds is Angelina......the 1st reason is........

Dear Diary,

Did you know I have a huge love? A love for something that probably most people don't know about me. A love so huge my husband just rolls his eyes at when I see them. What is this love of mine you ask?


Seriously you ask? You, Dani Lynn Lewis, love vehicles.
YES, I love vehicles. Ever since I was a little girl. I use to want to be a used car salesmen (high hopes). There is something about vehicles I love. The look, the feel, the touch, the 0-60, the weightlessness, the wind in your hair.
I don't like cookie cutter vehicles though. The ones that everyone seems to drives. I like sporty, and boxy. I love different, unique, out of the box cars. I will never drive a mini van or something unoriginal. It drives Bobby crazy but I don't care.
Take for instance my cars I have gotten to pick out for myself. My parents bought me a cavalier to drive (didn't get a say so but didn't complain because how nice is it for your parents to be able to afford and want to buy you a new car) in high school and it lasted me till I wrecked it and got my sisters hand me down red cavalier. I drove that till it busted, literally. Then my sweet man at the time wanted to buy me a new car. He tried to get me to get something simple and bland. YUCK! Not for me. I chose a Kia Soul, and not just any Kia Soul. The fully loaded, coffee brown color, fun, light up interior, sun roof, mouse approved Kia Soul. It was my baby. If you are anything like my family, you name your cars. I named this soul Bean (for coffee bean). He was my baby. I loved that car so much.

I really do still miss this car. It was the best car for me. I would recommend a Kia Soul to anyone who drives a lot or is looking for something really adorable but doesn't cost a lot.
After Bobby and I got married, I decided that it was time for an upgrade. The day I started my new job at Lightbeam, we headed out to Clay Cooley and found my newest car. My 4x4 hardtop, red, 4 door, Jeep Wrangler Sport. OMG....this car is the most fun car ever. It truly gets looks everywhere I go. I have taken the top off so many times and right now the whole top is off and we bought a soft top so when it rains, it can be easily put on and off. I always wanted a convertible but Bobby refused to buy me one. Claims they are unsafe and if I still want one after my future children have grown up, we will talk then. (WHATEVER) So this was a compromise. I named this heavy duty baby Chuck. Why Chuck? Well when we were sitting in the dealership, I googled "red things" and then clicked images and the first thing that popped up besides an apple was a pair of red converse. And then it hit me, Chuck!
Side note about Chuck.....Clay Cooley's daughter drove this Jeep. And I took it from her. The dealership man said she was going to be very sad. Oh well. Mine now!

A couple weeks ago, my boss was going out of town and has a 2 door Porsche he was going to leave in the garage all weekend. But then he looked at me with this sparkle in his eye and asked me if I wanted to take it for the weekend since he was going to be gone. You should have seen my face. Like seriously, I almost had a heart attack. But very calmly I said sure, I don't mind babysitting it. I did not get a picture in it but I did take a picture of it in my garage.
If you were to ask me what my dream car would be or if someone said, "Dani, I will buy you whatever you want." Wanna know what I would ask for?
Mercedes Benz G class SUV
This my friends is my all time dream. And surprising enough, it has the same shape of my jeep, just nicer. I am also an Escalade girl but that dream is more of a reality than the G class would be.
I seriously could talk about cars all day. When I am the passenger in the car, I look at every car that drives by me. And the thing is, I don't discriminate against brands. If it looks good, feels good, and is different, I am pretty sure I will love it. No matter the price tag. My husband might disagree with you on that, but the one thing he won't deny is my love of vehicles. I could spend hours at a car show. It takes all strength I have for me to go into the car show at the State Fair of Texas and all my will power to keep myself distracted because I would sit in every vehicle I walked by. Short, tall, small, large, fat, skinny, monster tires, low rider, white, black, convertible, flat bed, etc, etc, I will sit in it. I am awful at a car dealership too. Looking for a new car for myself is time consuming and tiring. I wear my husband out looking. But I can't help it. I just love them all!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder what my next car will be?
Hey....a girl can dream can't she?
Love, Me
P.S. I hope I didn't offend anyone who drives a mini van or something unoriginal. These are just my opinions and what I love in life. You don't have to agree. You love what you love and I will love what I love. And I love vehicles!