Friday, November 14, 2014

The best part of waking up....

                    is Coffee
in your cup!
With just one word I perk up. I try to tell myself I am not addicted, but I just cant. I am not a soda drinker (except those few occasions where I just really crave a Coke Zero) but I just cant help but love coffee. And its not for the caffeine or the high. I truly love the taste of coffee. And yes, there are some mornings where I do need it, for the extra boost. But I can drink it anytime of the day. If I can remember right, I think the first time I drank coffee was when I was a teenager. I didn't start really drinking it till after I graduated high school but I always remember liking it. When Bobby and I got married, he wasn't that big on drinking coffee. But now, he loves it almost as much as me. And he's picky on what we buy. I registered for a Keurig when we got married but I just never got into it. I know it makes coffee super fast and super easy and when you are in a hurry, its wonderful. But I love the old fashion way of making coffee. My granddaddy bought me a coffee grinder last Christmas and I swear we have used that thing more than anything else in the house. Because Bobby is picky, I let him pick out the coffee beans. I swear there is a difference when you buy the beans, ground it yourself and make it in a coffee pot. Compared to buying it already grounded. It just taste so fresh. What we are loving right now is Kona Blends!

We tend to not buy flavor coffee, because we love to use coffee creamer. And some might say I have my coffee with my cream but I don't care. The 2 together is on my top 10 favorite things I consume. These are my favorite 12 I buy!



But maybe my favorite thing about coffee is the way it smells. Even if you don't like coffee, you can not tell me you don't love the way it smells when its being brewed. Or taking a handful of coffee beans and smelling it. It's so intoxicating.

Did you know that I am a collector of coffee mugs? I love them all. I seriously have too many coffee mugs for Bobby and I but I don't care. And I will keep on collecting them. Whenever I go on a trip, it tends to be the one thing I look for. And they must be dishwasher safe. I hate hand washing stuff so its a requirement!

Do you love coffee as much as me? Is there a certain way you like to drink your coffee. Would love to know how. Comment below and let me know!
Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!!