Monday, November 10, 2014

Father Time

Ever since I could remember, I have always loved watches. I love the look and the feel of a watch. I almost am never without a watch. There is something so classic about a watch to me. It is the most perfect accessory besides earrings in my book. And the fact that are so many different kinds of watches out there, it's almost hard to show up to a party wearing the same one. And even if you did, it's nothing like being in the same dress. And I love BIG watches. Boyfriend watches to me are the best. Especially if you wear them by itself. Now, if I wear bracelets with it, I like to wear a small size watch, to go with the bracelets.
I have found the most perfect watches out on the market right now for women. I tried to keep it under $150 but spending a little more on a good watch, to me, is a great investment. And most watches, if made right, will last you for years. They never go out of style!
Fossil watches are my favorite. They tend to be all I buy. Because they are wonderfully made, a good price for the quality you get and they have so many different styles that change so often. They make watches for date night and watches for hanging out with the kids. Any style, any fabric, any face!
Eley Kishimoto x Fossil Retro Timer Two Hand Leather Watch- $165- Black, Brown and White

   I love this watch so much! I love the classic look of it. It definitely is a eye catcher. It looks like an old timer you would see in a 1950's kitchen. But up to date with the leather band. So retro.
Modern Jacqueline Multifuction Leather Watch- $115- Black Croco
This watch screams beauty. Like a dark mysterious creature. I have to have this watch! It is on my Christmas list. It's so manly and sexy and sophisticated.
Heather Three Hand Leather Watch- on sale $79.99- Sand
This is the type of watch that would be gorgeous on a date night. The bands are small enough to keep it simple but the face is large enough to make a bold statement. And the color will go with anything! And I am so in love with Rose Gold! I wish I had known about it 5 years ago when I got engaged....I would have asked for my band to be in rose gold.
Sculptor Three Hand Leather Watch- on sale between $52.99-$69.99, Brown Croco, Bone, Marina Blue, Blue, Lipstick, Tan and White
This is the kind of watch you wear with bracelets. You add this in with a mix of different styles. And that look to me is so pretty. And this watch comes in so many different colors, there's bound to be one that fits your personality.
With that said, I have found a few other places where I love their watches too. Betsey Johnson is a whack job, in the nicest most kindest way ever. Her fashion sense is through the roof but I love it. And I never really went and look at her stuff till she was on Dancing With The Stars this year, but boy am I glad I did. Her watches are to die for! Total stand out pieces. Oh and, if you use the code BETSEYFREE, you shipping!
Round Face Skinny Band Watch- $95- Black/gold and Leopard/rose gold
Leopard print and rose gold.......I've died and gone to watch heaven! But for those of you who aren't leopard print fans, the black is equally as beautiful. To me, the bigger the face on a watch, the better. I love big face watches and skinny band watches. And Betsey Johnson does just that!
BJS Super Thin White Watch- $75
Gorgeous. Simple. Timeless. Fun. Different. Original. Diverse.
So I wanted to find a few watches that were cheap. That were so cheap, you wouldn't care if they broke after a year. But I still wanted it in style and fun. Forever 21 did just that.
Quirky Mustache Watch- $16.80
I mean come on. What is more fun than that. I could never be able to tell the time on it but oh well. And once it broke or the battery died, it would become a bracelet for me. I love the mustache look (on fashion.....NOT on my man) so anytime I find something like this, I just get all excited.
Faux Leather Analog Watch- $18.80
This watch is so pretty. And definitely looks to be way more expensive than it is. What stood out to me is that 9! Just big and bold like that. You could wear this watch dressed up or dressed down too. I love watches like that.
Piperlime is one of very favorite online stores. They are partnered with Gap/ Old Navy/ Banana Republic. My girls that were in my wedding got their bridesmaids dress off that website. They have the best sales and they also have the crème of the crop Designer stuff too. And right now through 11/11, you can get an extra 30%-40% off sale and final sale stuff. Just use EXTRAEXTRA at the check out.
Kate Spade New York- on sale $104.99 for Navy, $101.99 for gold

Who doesn't love Kate Spade? But who hates paying Kate Spade prices? I normally am not a fan of a small skinny watch but these are so retro and so classic to me. The type I would find in my grandma's jewelry box and beg her to have. This watch is perfect for all ages.
I love watches. I normally get one or two a year. Because I do try to buy a nicer style, they do tend to last me a good while. Invest in a good watch. Invest in one that you could see yourself wearing for years. Find what looks good on you for you, not what looks good on someone else and wear it with pride.
Have a wonderful Monday!