Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Flooring!

When Bobby and I moved into our recent house 2 1/2 years ago, we knew there was a few things we wanted to do to the house to make it ours. It was already in good shape, just needed to be cleaned and updated a little. The lady we bought it from was an environmentalist and over planted her garden. So Bobby got to work on that first. Made it look amazing! He completely transformed our front and back yards single handily. But we kept feeling like something inside the house was missing. As much as I would love to update my kitchen with new appliances, we decided to not do it. That we didn't want to invest more money into this house than we had to. That this was our first house, not our last. So we decided to re-do the floors. Last year our water heater busted and completely flooded half of our house. So the carpet was already not up to par and it was dirty. And carpet holds a lot of nasty things and its not good for people (or dogs) with allergies. So we decided to just get rid of it and put something nice and sleek down. We knew we wanted Laminate flooring because hardwood is way to expensive on a house we don't want to invest a lot of money in and Laminate is good for people with dogs. They can't scratch it. And if you spill something on it, it comes right off. And its 1/4 of the price of hardwood. I knew I wanted dark floors. We have light color walls and dark color beams on the ceiling so I thought the dark would really blend in well with the rest of the house.

So began our trip to find flooring. First we went to Lowes and I found one I really loved but it was a little more than we wanted to spend but Bobby told me if we didn't find anything else, then we would just spend the money. Then we went to Home Depot and nothing. Didn't like a single choice they had. Then we went to Lumber Liquidators and found a few we were ok with. But we didn't like their install price and they kept trying to upcharge us on things we didn't need. So we went back to Lowes but I just couldn't make the commitment to that one I loved. So we went home feeling defeated. A few days later Bobby heard of this place called The Boss and decided to go check it out. He found 2 he really liked, and in our price range and they allowed him to bring each home to check it out. The dark one he brought home I was so excited about. It was absolutely perfect. It was everything we were looking for. The only problem was we needed to find someone to come take the carpet out, haul it away and place our new floors down. I don't know how Bobby found them but he found this really nice couple (she comes over and measures and talks about pricing and things like that and he picks up the flooring and does all the labor) to do it for us. And she wasn't very expensive. And they were huge fans of The Boss too and always suggested their clients to go to them. So it was like fate. So without further ado, let me introduce you to my new flooring!  

(I took before and after photos to show as well. And we decided to go ahead and get a new comforter. Why not!)

 Guest bedroom before:

Guest Bedroom after:

Hall way before:

Hall way after:

2nd guest room before:

2nd guest room after:

Our bedroom before:

Our bedroom after:

I am so in love with my new flower pillow. It's the small details that can make up any room! I just need to find a few more pillows for our bed that match and it will be perfect!  
I can't even begin to tell you how different my house looks. It's like it's gotten a face lift. I walk in and look over at it and it just makes me so happy. I put my feet on the ground in the morning and it just feels right. And it looks so much better in person than any photo will show. I wish I could have you all over to look at my new floors. :) My parents kept our dogs for us while they were installing it and when my mom brought them home yesterday, Dash didn't notice it and went running into the hallway and slipped and ran into the wall. Hahahahahahaha :) :) :)
If you are interested in learning more about where we got our flooring, please head on over to and take a look at everything they have. They have amazing prices and great quality supplies.
And if you are interested in knowing more about who did the actual installation of our floors, please let me know below and I will send you their name and contact information.