Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Sleep, drink, eat...repeat!


I am on cloud nine right now. 

Bobby and I leave in the morning for Mexico. 

And all-inclusive getaway to Playa Del Carmen! 

Our 5 year wedding anniversary is this weekend and we thought what better excuse to get away, just us two! 

We've had a few date nights since Brody and have taken one trip without him but for the most part, he is with me/us 24/7. 

Now...I love my child. Beyond anything else in this world. But momma needs a break and momma needs alone time with her hubby. 

So I will be back to blogging next Tuesday!!!!! 

If you need me, Sorry! Unless you are my parents who are staying with my kiddo or Jesus Christ, I will not be answering my phone or email. 

You can follow me on Instagram ( dani_lynn_lewis ) to keep up with our adventures in Mexico! It's going to be so much fun.