Friday, September 30, 2016

Five on Friday

one. BB aka Big Bear
Target. Go in for one thing, come out $200's later! Well that happened to me last Friday night. Bobby had a guys night so I took little B to sushi and then we needed to go to Target to get Honest diaper cream. I happen to go to the toy section to look for something specific and the aisle I happen to go down, happened to be the aisle with these huge stuffed animals. There was no turning around. He screamed BEAR! And I knew there was no getting out of this store without it. So we texted daddy, asking him if it was alright if we got it and bobby just laughed and said of course. The smile on Brody's face was priceless. Everyone we passed to the check out he said bear at. The lady in line behind us, he kept telling her about his bear. He cried when I put him in his carseat without the bear and as soon as I gave it to him, laughed and smiled and held it the whole way home. We nicknamed it BB for Big Bear. 

You may ask why I specifically went to Target for that. Because y'all....this stuff works! It is the best diaper cream on the planet. I kid you not. Brody had diarrhea last week from teething and being on milk alone and he got an awful diaper rash. The only thing I had at home was Aquaphor. And that works ok, but it is made for more of a barrier, not a treatment. Honest diaper cream healed him overnight! I kid you not. When he woke up Saturday morning and I went to change him, he was just a tad pink still. And he was super red and sore the night before. It is a little more expensive than Destin, etc. but for overnight relief and comfort, I will spend the extra couple of dollars. 

We went on a limb with these the other day. Brody isn't a very picky eater and he will try anything, but if he doesn't like something one time, his little brain remembers it and he won't eat it or try it again. Like eggs, we have tried eggs so many times but he hates them. Anyways. So we made him one to see he liked it and you would have thought I gave him chocolate cake! He devoured it so we made him a few more and he ate those too. They also make a popcorn chicken and he loves those too! They are soft and easy to eat for him. I don't feed him gluten free on everything but if there is an option to, I see it as a plus. 

four. This weather
Can we talk about the weather this week! Highest it has been is 88. This is my kind of weather. Cool in the mornings and night, warm durning the day. I could live forever in this weather. And next week seems just as good. Good thing because we have plans for next Saturday and next Sunday and it is going to be gorgeous! And can we give a hip-hip-hooray for tomorrow being October! 

I know I rave on Emerald Sky a lot, but they are so worth it. And this shirt happens to be my favorite. It is super soft and everywhere we go, people love it. And they just released it in navy as well as the grey. And look at my bambino from just a year ago! Time is flying by!