Thursday, September 29, 2016

The sippy cup

Dear Diary, 

The dreaded sippy cup. 

I started Brody on water at 5 months old. Out of a sippy cup. And he is amazing at drinking water and flavored water out of it. 

But milk. Milk has been a problem. He took formula until he 12 months old. Then his pediatrician told me to do half formula, half milk until his system got use to the milk. Well last week we finally finished all formula and it has been strict milk. But out of a bottle. And he loves it. 

But taking it out of a sippy cup has seem to be an issue. Until Monday afternoon. I was told to have a cup just for milk. To make a certain cup available for that, that stays in the fridge and that he understands what that cup is for. I tried milk in his "normal" sippy cup and he threw it at me. So I went to Target and found these really cool sippy cups. They are probably more advanced than what his age needs, but my kid is advanced and I knew he could handle it. 

He loves it! He loves the cup. And he is drinking milk from it. Kinda. Since he knows what is in the cup, if he doesn't want it, there is no getting him to drink it. But if he's kinda in the mood or sleepy, I can get a little bit down him. 

The problem I am seeing is he doesn't like cold milk. Like milk straight from the fridge. One night I warmed the milk in a separate cup and then put it in there and he drank more. But I don't want him to always drink warm milk. That's just not possible and the kid isn't that spoiled. 

Does anyone have any advice for me on this? Is it just over time they gradually will drink milk from it? Am I just trying to hard to make it work and I need to just be patient? 

ANY advice is good advice! 

Love, Me