Friday, September 2, 2016

Five on Friday

one. Love....just per love. 
These two have nothing but love for each other. No matter how many times Brody steps on him, lays on him, pokes him, messes with him, Bullet loves him. And napping together is just a cherry on top! 

two. The new Instagram video
I am so in love with the new feature on Instagram. I love that I can take a video, post it and 24 hours later its gone. It's like snapchat but better! You get a glimpse into peoples lives. I feel so much closer to my celebrity friends :-) 

three. Tony Romo is out
Can y'all believe it? Out for 8-10 weeks because of a broken bone in his back. I don't care though. I will still be rooting for my boys. I will still be watching. Because football is won by a team, not a player. And I am so excited because I found my new Cowboys hat and I got it just in time! 

four. PSL
Yes, I know I talked about pumpkin last week but this is different. PSL is my favorite thing! I will probably have more than I care to admit this season. For those of you living under a rock. PSL is Pumpkin Spiced Latte and Starbucks has even created their own Instagram account for them. Yes I follow it and no I don't care if you make fun. If it wasn't frowned upon to give kids coffee, Brody would be trying it this year. Don't judge! 

five. Rash
Wednesday afternoon, I noticed Brody had a small rash on his thighs. Looked like a heat rash so I didn't think anymore of it. After I got home from CrossFit and I went to bathe him, I noticed it had spread more. When I got him Thursday morning, he was covered! My first thought was chicken pox because of how fast it spread. So I made a quick call to the doctor and got us in. Good news: not chicken pox. Bad news: Brody has had an allergic reaction to a shot he got at his 12 month check-up. And yes, his 12 month check up was 22 days ago but there is a 28 day reaction period and since he falls in that, here we are. Nothing we can do but give him Benadryl and keeping him as clean as we can. The picture below doesn't do justice to what he looks like. I just snapped a small section to keep for future records when he has shots, if this was to happen again. 

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